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    Stiftung Seeschau (Seeschau Foundation) is a philanthropic foundation with a variety of interests, from singing (BeyondSinging), culture (CulturesBeyond), yoga and therapy (Seeschau), and miscellaneous other engagements. On the eve of a new album launch by BeyondSinging—the flagship project that also involves Tina Turner—the foundation engaged Studio Baeriswyl’s Zurich office to reposition the foundation and communicate it more effectively.



    As the foundation has grown, its miscellaneous offerings and support began to grow unwieldy. The foundation lacked clarity of mission and focus, and people were confused by what exactly it did. We realized that to better communicate the foundation means first restructuring the entire brand architecture so that all concerns can be aligned cohesively.



    To tie everything together, we reorganized the entire foundation, with all of its arms, under the umbrella name of "Beyond Foundation." With the tagline "Beyond Differences," different arms were renamed Beyond Religion, Beyond Tradition, Beyond Self, and Beyond Culture. This restructuring meant that all concerns were brought together to reinforce and complement the main brand, enhancing visibility for all. The rebranding also extended into a series of mission and vision statements, as well as slogan system. To communicate the repositioning, we directed the creation of new website for the foundation that uses multimedia content to full effect for a moving story telling experience.

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