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Keynote Speech: Brand Strategy & Design

DeTao Master Florin Baeriswyl delivered a keynote speech on Brand Strategy and Design at Innovation Experience Center in the China Industrial Design Institute (CIDI).

The theme of the forum was “Evolution of Design”, discussing possibilities in an era of interaction between design, society, industry and culture, focusing on:

— Change

— Foresight

— Renewal

Baeriswyl mentioned that brand owners must recognize the following brand pillars:

Truth Quality Consistency.

As the discipline of branding is founded on maintaining, improving, and upholding the essence of the brand.

It was attended by Xie Youbo – Academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Gao Nan – Industrial Design Studio Director of the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works; researcher with the Italy Industrial Design Association; David Conti – the Founder of Beijing design agency Tezign, and Fan Ling.

Speech Video Link:

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