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Prof. Baeriswyl Attended Dafeng Work Camp Activity

July 14th, Detao master of Brand Strategy, Prof. Florin Baeriswyl showed up in Dafeng city, Jiangsu Province, to attend the opening ceremony of the 3rd National Young Designers’ Work Camp & Industrial Design Contest.

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This activity is sponsored by Oriental One Creative Industry Park, and jointly held with more than 20 national academic institutions and well-known design agencies.

In his speech, Prof. Baeriswyl said to all young designers onsite, that to build up a good brand or design, designers need to stick into two principles: to be different and to be simple. To be different requires the courage from the designer to stick to his own concept. To be simple is to maintain the most effective way to communication.

During the visit to Oriental One Creative Industry Park, the founder, Mr. Li Yongbo introduced how they managed to upgrade products value through design and to improve the company value through brand.

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