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Rebranding DETAO Masters Academy

The goal of DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) – is to provide a bridge between industry and education in China. Following four years of academic achievement – the time has come to reposition the Academy and increasingly to focus on its main strengths.

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To support DTMA’s continuing success: to drive innovation within Chinese education, Professor Florin Baeriswyl and his team created the repositioning strategy and guidelines encompassing the following five perspectives:

Brand Vision: “Providing international expertise in a Chinese cultural context, to enhance creativity, innovation and business opportunities. “This vision reflects the goal of the DeTao Group, which closely mirrors DeTao’s spirit and values: to build a solid foundation for future generations.

Brand Mission: “The rigorous selection process has lead to a unique teaching staff (the Masters) who are all leaders in their respective fields. This interface has resulted in numerous new business opportunities and solutions for the DeTao Group.

Brand Core Values: “Wisdom, Collection & Heritage.” DeTao has retained its core values and has remained commited to uniting the best educational resources from all over the world.

Brand Positioning: The DeTao brand stands for “Building International Expertise at Home”. Maintaining this position is at the heart of the Group’s core values.

Brand Proposition: “Be Ahead.” As the first company to parachute top international Masters into the Chinese classrooms, the SIVA DeTao Advanced Classes Programme has been a huge success, receiving international recognition.