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    Canneto was started by a small group of Swiss wine connoisseurs who wanted to produce their very own Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and took over an existing vineyard to do so. Today, Canneto is a boutique winery and olive oil producer serving only a select group of friends and exclusive restaurants, and is not found in large wholesalers. Upon launch, Canneto commissioned Studio Baeriswyl’s Zurich office to design its visual identity, print collateral, packaging, as well as website.



    Canneto’s flagship wine, the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, is one of the oldest wines in Italy, and was first recorded in 789. To be true to the brand, we took direct inspiration from the name of the wine itself: “Nobile” to mean timeless elegance, and “di Montepulciano” to mean “of the land.”



    Reflecting “timeless elegance of the land,” the visual identity was designed to be as clean, minimal, and rooted in the locality as possible. The logo, a simple square, is die-cut on wine labels, catalogues, and order forms to offer a window into Montepulciano. Elswhere in print, images of Montepulciano—treated to reflect the colors of the seasons—root the brand in its peculiar terroir. True to our aim, the branding and identity remains as valid and relevant today, and has been unchanged since 1992.

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