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    To English speakers, “der Veg” literally calls out a vegetarian restaurant. In German however, “der Veg,” which rhymes with “der Weg” (the way), also implies a path—the right path—to follow. Upon launch, der Veg, a new vegetarian restaurant in Zurich, commissioned Studio Baeriswyl to create its visual identity and interior design.



    As der Veg is located in Sihlcity, a renovated industrial factory that is now one of Zurich’s most modern shopping complexes, we wanted der Veg to be a different kind of vegetarian restaurant—contemporary, urban, irreverent, young. “Urban Vegetarian” became the central concept around which the design was developed.



    “Urban Vegetarian” was interpreted and communicated in different ways. In visual identity, the logo is a simple, striking word mark, where the “ear” of the “g” is transformed into a subtle sprout. In color palette, the restaurant features a striking use of lime green and red to convey a modern identity. On the inside, tall ceilings reaching almost 6 meters inspired the creation of a custom lighting system that visually anchors the space and absorbs sound, while in advertising, a series of play on words communicated a young, urban attitude. The caption “Saving animals one bite at a time,” for example, accompanied a large mural of a cow, while taglines such as “Pois Gras” substitutes pois (peas) for the “fois” in “fois gras.” A contemporary vegetarian restaurant for the urban set.


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