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    Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM), led by Dharma Master HsinTao, is Taiwan's fourth largest Buddhist organization, and counts more than 300,000 followers in Taiwan alone. To spread Buddhist philosophy, it is opening a series of meditation centers around the world, with the first in Myanmar and others in Nepal, Colorado, New York, and Taipei to follow. As the centers will be the organization's first international venture of its kind, LJM sought out Studio Baeriswyl to define its brand positioning and concept, and to design its logo, spatial, and visual identities.



    Creating a religious brand has its unique challenges, as its business goal is not profit per se, but improving lives. More importantly, versus commercial businesses where marketing or branding is often an artificial creation, the center's brand simply has "to be"-which is of course, the essence of meditation.



    Given the project's spiritual and religious nature, we had to understand the project not only logically, but intuitively. Our research phase took us to Myanmar to visit the project site, into meditation classes and ceremonies, and to multiple interviews across a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Our positioning for the brand, "Home of the Heart," is rooted in Mandarin, where characters for "heart," "shelter," and "return" encapsulate the brand core. From thereon, we created visual and spatial identities around the design concept of "No Design," where materials in its purest form aim to capture the essence of "being." This understanding of the brand's uniqueness matched immediately client expectations, and is currently being rolled out.

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