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    Jet Aviation is one of the leading business aviation services companies in the world, with close to 5,600 employees catering to client needs throughout Europe the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. The company was the first global player in the business aviation industry, and operates a fleet of over 200 aircrafts. After 40 years as a family business, Jet Aviation wanted to prepare for a possible IPO or sales, and commissioned Studio Baeriswyl’s Zurich office for a complete rebrand to increase and communicate its value.



    Honing in on the exclusive and service-based nature of the company, Studio Baeriswyl—together with partner Publicis—won the international pitch with the slogan, "Personalized to Perfection." After extensive meetings and interviews with the company, we realized that with multiple stakeholders—pilots, designers, clients, maintenance, etc—the company lacked a coherent and consistent brand standard in place. “Personalized to Perfection” was thus not only to apply to client service, but to internal communications as well.


    Externally, “Personalized to Perfection” was communicated with a completely re-haul of the visual identity. From logo, photography, to print collateral, consistent design styles and standards were put in place to convey a sophisticated company of global reach. Internally, individual communications SOP were put together for each individual stakeholder group. Communications between different departments was thus streamlined and clarified, boosting both quality and efficiency. As a direct validation of our success, Jet Aviation was successfully sold to a private equity group at several times previous valuation—an increase in market value brought about by an increase in brand equity.