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    PAR Skincare is a new Swiss skincare brand with edelweiss stem cell technology as its core proposition. Started by a scientist who was advisor to La Prairie, the line was formulated with simplicity of use and outdoor functionality in mind. As a new company, PAR engaged Studio Baeriswyl’s Zurich office to position, strategize, and design the brand.



    As a small boutique firm facing intense competition from larger department store brands, PAR needed clear brand cornerstones with which to differentiate itself on the market. We identified three core elements around which the brand is built: edelweiss, outdoors, and technology.



    From the initial two-product offering and defined strategy to aim for high-end, leisure sports users (such as golf), we created the name PAR, standing for Protect, AntiAge, Regenerate. PAR alludes to golf, and is short, memorable while being equally valid in French, German, and English markets. We created the slogan, “Performance Skincare Par Excellence” as a play on PAR that also highlights its performance factor. From naming onwards, we created the whole brand conception, from positioning, personality, tone & manner, to packaging and website design. Visual identity was formed around the theme of “nature enhanced by science,” while advertising copy embedded the word PAR within various taglines. The result is cohesive, integrated brand communications that lets PAR stand toe-to-toe with larger companies in terms of sophistication and precision.

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