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      Originally a trade and industry bank called Industrie und Handelsbank, IHAG wanted to shift profile and transform itself into a private bank. To communicate the change to past and future customers, IHAG tasked Studio Baeriswyl's Zurich office for a complete rebrand of the bank.



      From an industry-based positioning, we realized that shifting to a consumer—and a high net worth one at that—required completely changing the tone, manner, and visual language of the brand. Communications have to be softer, more exclusive, more “luxe,” and focused on the individual. From a faceless name, the challenge now was to create a brand that engenders exclusivity, history, and trust.



      From naming and positioning to advertising, print, and website, Studio Baeriswyl crafted a comprehensive identity to introduce Privatbank IHAG as a new consumer-facing, private bank. We began by renaming the bank Privatbank IHAG, which both acknowledges the bank’s history and communicates its new positioning. To reflect the family-run business’ emphasis on enduring values, we drew inspiration from the bank’s longstanding patronage of the arts for its visual identity. Gilt gold frames inspired the corporate color, while advertising and copy play on the dual meaning of bank notes and music/sensorial “notes” to convey different messages. The result is a cohesive brand that creates lasting impression and conveys longstanding history, high-end exclusivity, and enduring trust.

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