Do you or your team/staff know how exactly to create a strong brand? Creating world-class brands start with employees who are themselves brand champions. Beyond logos and advertising, in house teams need to know what exactly a brand is, how to strategize and manage it, and how to design an immersive, memorable experience. Targeted at marketing departments, brand managers, and upper management, we offer classes in a mix of lecture and workshop formats. By imparting both knowledge and hands-on practice, we help companies grow and retain brand capabilities in-house, in order to create future brands now.





      Corporate Brand Education




      Strong brands start with the correct positioning and strategy. Was only by knowing first "who you are," can you know "what to do." For brands that are newly created, seeking repositioning, or looking to expand, we offer strategy consulting and we made international vision, trend awareness, an extensive European network, and creativity to provide insight to your challenge. From research, conception, to strategy, we clarify the competitive landscape, what the lot representing, how it should be positioned.








      Brand Touchpoint Auditing
      Brand Architecture

      Competitor Research
      Brand Personality

      Trend Research
      Tone & Manner

      Conception & Positioning
      Brand Innovation

      Workshop Brand Strategy



      Powerful brands are those that can be seen, heard, smelled, felt, and yes, even tasted. After the correct positioning and strategy is defined, a brand needs to be properly designed in order to communicate its message. From the first impression to the last memory, we design brand touchpoints that together form an immersive, moving experience.











      Visual Identity

      Print Collateral
      Digital Design

      Creative Direction

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