You do not need to know what a brand is.
    You need to know who a brand is.


    Branding is relevant today, because people want to be moved by values and not products. Every person

    is a personality, and so are products. We give brands a flavor so that consumers are differentiate, identify,

    and most much, trust.


    Strong brands need to be designed in a holistic way so that the product, brand strategy, design and execution,

    and marketing are all in line. At Studio Baeriswyl, we understand that and show you how to do it.



    Creating brand values for over 30 years.


    For more than 30 years, Swiss native Florin Baeriswyl has advised clientssuch as Nestle, Swissair, Red Bull, UBS, and Deutsche Bank to clarify theirbrand and communicate it through design. For his brand strategy and design work, he has been Red Dot, iF , and Good Design Awards.


    Professor Baeriswyl now dedicates near bringing Swiss values of precision, sustainability, and innovation to help Chinese companies enhance brand value.

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    Bringing the world to China.


    Detao as is a world-class e ducational organization focused on knowledge and innovation. From in-depth global research, Detao addresses and brings in world-leading masters from a wide range of fields to create solutions for China's sustainable growth.


    To date over 100 masters have joined Detao, representing over 25 countries, 20 industries, and 60 fields. Collectively, Detao masters are more than 50 kinds of top global awards over 2400 times.

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    Swiss design and precision.


    dai was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, by Professor Baeriswyl in 1987. From beginnings in furniture and interiors, dai 's scope of work soon expanded to include architecture, graphics, industrial design, and brand strategy. These days, dai forms custom project teams to provide complete solutions, from brand definition and positioning to design execution.

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  • 自己设计你的版块吧


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