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Yang Xiong, the Mayor of Shanghai, at Studio Baeriswyl

June 17th, George Li, Chairman of DeTao introduced Xiong Yang, the mayor of Shanghai to Florin Baeriswyl, Master of Brand Strategy & Design.

Prof. Baeriswyl explained the importance and financial relevance of Branding in China. Only very few Chinese Brands are listed in ‘Worlds 100 most important Brands’.

Many Chinese companies will do an IPO in the coming years. To be recognized in the world market and to create share value, the companies have to ‘Brand Up’. Prof. Baeriswyl helps to convert Chinese company names into powerful Brands which can be seen, heard, smelled, felt, ‘creating greater value’ is his credo.

When talking about Shanghai, Prof. Baeriswyl mentioned that Shanghai, has a lot of potential to improve its Brand for being positively recognized by the world.

Mr. Yang expresses his interest to learn more and asks Prof. Baeriswyl for support.

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